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What is the CAI Certification scheme?

CAI Certification scheme lays down minimum standards of certified aerial and cable product performance based on specified parameters for satisfactory signal reception and network distribution. The testing and certification does not cover the standard of construction and durability. These factors are left to individual manufacturer warranty descriptions. The Certification scheme was previously called the Benchmarking scheme.

What can be Certified?

There are two certification schemes - UHF aerials and coaxial cables.

Why should I use a Certified product?

Certified cable can protect from unwanted signals. New demands on TV spectrum like mobile services and wireless services put huge demands on cable, and good quality cables that have been rigorously tested will not radiate that can cause interference to other equipment.  TV antenna systems must also comply with British Standards for Electrical Safety. Should mains voltage come into contact with signal distribution cables, then the cables must be capable of carrying the full load. Non-Benchmarked cables are unlikely to conform, and in some circumstances could put lives at risk.

Certified aerials are tested at an independent test centre and are tested for their performance as detailed in the CAI specifications; the Certification also covers rejection of 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) and the demands this has brought to broadcast reception in the domestic home and systems installations.

Who decides the specifications for a product to be Certified?

The specifications for both have been compiled by industry wide committees who monitor the implementation of the schemes through the CAI Assessment Executive. Applicants and holders of CAI certification are bound by legal binding contracts that secure adherence to all aspects of the certification.

What are the aerial Certification standards?

This scheme lays down the minimum standards for the technical performance of UHF TV aerials based on the specific requirements for satisfactory digital terrestrial TV (DTT) reception.

What are the cable Certification standards?

This scheme lays down minimum standards for the technical performance of coaxial cable based on the specific requirements for satisfactory reception and network distribution of signals from terrestrial or satellite transmissions.

Will my installer use Certified products?

Both schemes are at the moment purely a voluntary arrangement within the industry but mandatory to CAI members. However they are widely adopted by broadcasters and government departments. Certified products should always be used in conjunction with the installation practice laid down in CAI Codes of Practice and the recommendations in Digital Television Group (DTG) R Books.

What are the CAI Certification scheme logos?

The CAI logo is a registered trademark. Under The Trade Marks Act 1994 of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the logos have been registered in the name of Confederation of Aerial Industries Ltd holding registration numbers 2456058 (since 01/08/2008) and 2623171 (since 01/06/2012).

The CAI aerial Certification logos are:

The CAI cable Certification loPgos are:

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