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What is CAI?

The CAI is the UK’s representative trade association for businesses across the whole spectrum of delivering video, audio and data around the home and commercial properties. Formed in 1978 we represent installers, manufacturers, distributors and broadcast operators engaged in networking signals to all types of properties.

What services do CAI members offer?

CAI members cover all areas of signal reception and signal distribution, around homes and commercial premises, including:

  • TV Aerial & Satellite Installation
  • Installation of TV Service Providers (Freeview, Freesat, Sky etc.)
  • Smart Home Entertainment
  • Home Networking & Automation
  • Fibre Installations
  • Radio Aerial Installation
  • Communal TV 
  • Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)
  • Microwave & Wireless Technology
  • Internet TV
  • CCTV Security
  • Access Communications 
  • Door Entry

What is the cost to use a CAI member?

The cost of an installation varies throughout the UK, therefore we advise you to contact more than one member and obtain a quote. 

Why should I use a CAI member?

CAI members have all been assessed as to their competence and reputability against the CAI’s mandatory Codes of Practice (single dwelling, multi dwelling, electrical safety, interference mitigation) and Code of Conduct.  By choosing a CAI member for your signal distribution, you're assured of quality workmanship that is guaranteed.

How do I find a local reputable member?

Online –

1. Go to www.getmeviewing.org.uk

2. Enter your town or postcode

3. You will be shown:

  • Your nearest CAI member
  • Their name
  • Their contact details including their unique CAI ID number
  • A full description of their business

Phone –

Call the CAI office on 01923 803030 and a friendly adviser will be able to assist.

How do I check if a tradesman is a CAI member?

A 'site search' can be carried out online on the getmeviewing website by using keywords such as company name, membership number, postcode or town. To carryout a site search click the following link - www.getmeviewing.org.uk/help-advice/site-search2.

If you call the CAI office on 01923 803030 a member of the CAI team will be able to confirm if the trader is a member or not.  

Will my installation come with a guarantee?

All CAI members have to guarantee their services or products they provide for a minimum of 12 months.

What are CAI Certified aerials and cable?

These are aerials or cables that have been tested by the CAI’s test houses for conformity to the criteria laid down by the CAI based on British and European standards.  Further details on our Certification scheme can be found at https://www.getmeviewing.org.uk/about/benchmarking-scheme

What is 4G interference?

A section of the TV broadcast frequency spectrum has been re-allocated for mobile devices.  ‘Fourth Generation’ devices such as mobile phone operators may cause disruption to TV services where the transmissions are found close to existing TV broadcasts.  The problem is commonly resolved by insertion of a filter provided by at800 – the organisation charged with resolving interference issues.  For further information please go to www.at800.tv or contact them on 0333 31 31 800.

What are the different TV service providers I can use?

To find out more about the different providers please view our ‘TV Service Providers Explained’ - https://www.getmeviewing.org.uk/help-advice/tv-service-providers-explained

What is the difference between CAI and CAI plus?

Initially 'CAI plus' was set up as a higher grade of membership for installers who complied with safe working at height practices and were background checked for reputability.  As of 2006 all new applicants of the CAI have to comply with 'CAI plus' criteria.

What is an Approved Fibre/IRS Installer?

A CAI member listed within this category has shown evidence that an engineer has obtained a higher qualification to carry out such works. The qualifications covering this category are the 3456-1 SMATV Distance Learning Course or completion of all three of the following,  Introduction to IRS, Fibre Optics in Signal Distibution and Making the Bond.

What is an Approved Systems Installer?

A CAI member listed within this category has shown evidence that an engineer has obtained a higher qualification to carry out such works. The qualifications covering this category are the 3456-1 SMATV Distance Learning Course or NVQ Level 3 in Electronic & Electrical Servicing (Signal Reception Pathway).

What initial checks should I do when contracting a CAI member?

When discussing your installation with your chosen CAI member, firstly establish what services you'd like to receive, and discuss various options such as how you would like to receive them, for example through an aerial, satellite, cable or via the internet. Decide whether you wish to subscribe to premium services or simply free-to-air channels that are subscription free. Don't forget CAI members have local knowledge about what is availablity to you. 

Decide before hand how many and which rooms you want to view or use the services in, as this will affect the estimates or quotation. Make sure you are clear what is simply an 'estimate' and what is a firm 'quotation'. An estimate is defined as 'an approximate idea of cost'. Quotations on the other hand are much more commercially based decisions and usually a statement that names the current market price. 

Installers using the CAI logo should be CAI members but as with any logo, there is always the potential for someone to misuse it to mislead the public. We recommend you check membership on our website using our A-Z installer search or call the CAI office and a helpful adviser will be able to assist.  

Who do I contact if a tradesman is mis-using the CAI or getmeviewing logo?

If a tradesman is using the CAI or getmeviewing logos or implying membership and they are not registered members, you must contact the CAI office. The CAI logos are registered trademarks and Trading Standards will be notified of any misuse and offenders can be prosecuted.

If things go wrong who do I contact?

Initially the company who carried out the work should be given the opportunity to assess any problems and provide an amicable resolution.  If this proves impossible then you can make a written complaint to the CAI via its website online form or write a letter to the CAI main Watford address. To find out more information on how to do this, please view our ‘Resolutions’ page - https://www.getmeviewing.org.uk/help-advice/resolution-service

How is the CAI affiliated with TrustMark?

TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme that coversworks a consumer chooses to have carried out in or around their home.  When a consumer uses a TrustMark Registered Business, they know they are engaging an organisation that has been throughly vetted to meet required standards, and has made a considerable commitment to good customer service, technical competence and trading practices.  As the Home Entertainment Scheme Operator for TrustMark, CAI ensures that all CAI TrustMark Registered Members adhere to and maintain these standards.

Can I read testimonials about CAI?

The CAI has a dedicated page of testimonials page which can be viewed on the following link - https://www.getmeviewing.org.uk/about/testimonials.

How do I retune my TV?

A full retune should only takes a few minutes and can be done with your remote control. Here are some guidelines for how to do it, but bear in mind every model of digital TV or box will be a little bit different:


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